This page describes how to configure Elasticsearch credentials for use by Census as a source and why those permissions are needed.
Census lets you select an Elasticsearch instance to treat as a source for your syncs.
In order to sync data from Elasticsearch, Census needs your deployment url, port, username, and password. This walks you through the step by step of setting this up.

🔩 Create an Elasticsearch connection

  • In Census, go to Connections or click here to go to the app
  • Under Data Sources, click Add Data Source and select Elasticsearch.
Adding the Elasticsearch Connection
  • Enter into your Elastic search instance. Click on the deployment name such that it takes you to a url that looks like click on the following button to copy your Elasticsearch endpoint string to your clipboard
Click this button, to paste it to the clipboard
  • Copy and paste this in the "Server Hostname" field. Then take off the :1234 part at the end to paste those four digits in the "Server Port" field. The user and password are the same from logging into your account. Click Save Connection.
This is the Connection credentials setting
You're all set! Click "test connection" and you can query this from the models tab and use it as a source for syncing data to our library of destinations.
If you have any questions during setup, or have a use case that is not covered, please write us in-app or send us an email via [email protected]

💡 Notes

  • All sync behavior will be Read Only, meaning that every sync will be a full sync because there is no way to write or modify the Elasticsearch schema
  • We based our connection protocol on Elastic's SQL JDBC driver

🚦 Allowed IP Addresses

Please allowlist Census's IP Addresses in your firewall. By default, Census will connect to your data source from these static US-based IP addresses: