This page describes how to use Census with Snapchat Ads.

​🏃‍♀️ Getting Started

  1. In Census, navigate to the Destinations page in Census and click New Destination.

  2. Select Snapchat from the menu.

  3. Follow the OAuth flow to connect to your Snapchat account.

🗄 Supported Objects

Object NameSupported?Identifiers

Conversion Event

External ID

Customer List

Mobile Ad ID, Email, Phone

Contact us if you want Census to support more Snapchat objects.

Field Normalization

Census does not automatically normalize PII fields sent to Snapchat. When providing values to Census, please apply the normalization specified by Snapchat:

Census also supports passing prehashed PII fields directly to Snapchat for increased data security.

PropertyNormalizationHash Method


  • Trim leading and trailing whitespace

  • Lowercase

Lowercase Hex SHA256

Mobile Advertiser ID (IDFA or GAID)

  • Lowercase

Lowercase Hex SHA256

Phone Number

  • Include country code (remove any double 0 in front of the country code)

  • If the number itself begins with a 0 this should be removed

  • Exclude any non-numeric characters such as whitespace, parentheses, ‘+’, or ‘-’.

Lowercase Hex SHA256

🔄 Supported Sync Behaviors


Update or Create

Customer List


Conversion Event


Customer List

Contact us if you want Census to support more sync behaviors.

🚑 Need help connecting to Snapchat?

Contact us via or start a conversation with us via the in-app chat.

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