Create segments for marketing and ad targeting using Census's built-in visual segment builder, directly on top of your data warehouse.

Audience Hub is designed to help customer facing teams build segments for advertising and marketing activation directly on top of a Data Warehouse. In the past, these sorts of tools were only available in siloed martech solutions. Audience Hub makes segmentation a core feature of a business's data stack, enabling Marketing to collaborate with other business teams to create and experiment with the segments that matter most, and keep them in sync across all the marketing, advertising, and other services powering your business.

Audience Hub is designed from the ground up for marketing and other customer-facing teams to take advantage of the power of their company's data warehouse. Audience Hub gives you the ability to

  • Access all your 360° customer data at your fingertips. Build confidently knowing that data is up to date, using the same definitions that power BI and the rest of the business.

  • Easily express segment conditions, including complex ones that work with event data, reference other segments, or other data sets including third party data sources.

  • Experiment and iterate on segments over time, add conditions, and understand how they change.

  • Keep segment definitions fresh and in sync across every customer engagement and advertising service you use to target customers.

Audience Hub provides a complete suite of tools and capabilities to enable fast and complete audience targeting including:

  • Full-featured visual Segment Builder

  • Cross-entity and cross-segment conditions

  • Segment size tracking

  • Segment comparison tools

  • Warehouse Writeback - Track segment performance and membership in your warehouse

Audience Hub is available for Enterprise plans.

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