This page describes how to use Census with FullStory

Getting Started

1. Generate a FullStory API Key

In your FullStory account:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Service Accounts

  2. Click Create key

  3. Hold onto this API Key for the next section, you'll need it!

Learn more about FullStory API Keys in their documentation here.

2. Connect FullStory to Census

  • Head back to Census and navigate to Destinations.

  • Click the New Destination button.

  • Select FullStory in the dropdown list.

  • Paste your FullStory account's API Key. Save your connection and if everything is set up correctly, you should see a successful connection test verifying the connection.

Supported Objects and Sync Behaviors

Object Name





uid (FullStory User Unique Id)

Update Only

Learn more about all of our sync behaviors in our Syncs documentation.

Contact us if you want Census to support more Fullstory objects and/or sync behaviors

Need help connecting to FullStory?

Contact us via support@getcensus.com or start a conversation with us via the in-app chat.

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