This page describes how to use Census to sync data from your warehouse to Anaplan.

Getting Started

In this guide, we will show you how to connect Anaplan to Census and create your first sync.

1. Locate your workspace and model ID

The Workspace ID can be found under Administration -> Workspaces within the Anaplan dashboard.

Select the Models tab under the selected workspace and click on the desired model. This action will open the model details page.

The model ID can be found on the model details page.

The Model Id needs to be the model to which you want to sync, both the Workspace ID and the Model ID should be 32 characters long

2. Configure the Anaplan Connection

Navigate to the connections tab in Census. Select Anaplan

Authentication options

  1. User credentials

    • You'll need to provide your

      • Username

      • Password

      • Anaplan Workspace ID

      • Model ID

      • Which region your Anaplan instance is hosted in.

The username and password will be the username and password used to authenticate to Anaplan

  1. Self service OAuth

  • You'll need to provide your

    • Client ID

    • Client secret

    • Anaplan Workspace ID

    • Model ID

    • Which region your Anaplan instance is hosted in

Creating your client ID and secret

Navigate to Administration -> Security -> OAuth Clients and click the New button in the upper right.

Name the client, choose Authorization code grant as the type, and set the allowed callback URLs to include Then, click Create.

Clicking on the created OAuth client will provide access to the client ID and secret.

3. Test the Connection

You have successfully configured and tested the connection, so you can now sync data into your financial models from your data source! 🎉

️ Supported Objects and Behaviors




Import Action


Import Actions must have the Source Type of File in order for Census to be able to sync to it. Look here for more details on how to configure this on the Anaplan side

Learn more about all of our sync behaviors on our Core Concepts page.

Contact us if you want Census to support more Anaplan objects and/or behaviors.

Need help connecting to Anaplan?

Contact us via or start a conversation with us via the in-app chat.

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