Dataset API

Unleash your semantic graph and use your data to power apps far beyond your data warehouse.

Dataset API is designed to make your dataset even more valuable by making them easily accessible to the wider app ecosystem. In addition to using Census Syncs to push data to destinations, you can now make your data available to be pulled by your applications.

This opens your data to a whole world of data integration possibilities. A few of the most exciting ones include:

  • App Platform - Build sidebars and micro apps such as Chrome Extension to view user data inside operator consoles.

  • Personalization - Have your web site personalize pages for the users in session, recommending products or offering promotions to users.

  • Enrichment - Use your data to act as an Enrichment Provider for other services. Use your best first-party data wherever you’ve had to rely on spotty third party data in the past.

Please visit our full developer documentation at for more.

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