What are Notifications?

Census Notifications are similar to other Syncs but are managed separately as instead of syncing data to your downstream applications, they allow you & your team to stay up to date as your critical data is updated and take action. Instead of creating data mappings you'll be able to easily customize the message format sent to your destination and test it out in realtime.
See our launch announcements for more details, but here are a few examples of things you can do with Census Notifications:
  • Send churn alerts to CSM account owners based on customer health score.
  • Notify account owners when trial users hit Product Qualified Lead thresholds or feature gates.
  • Trigger notifications for new demos, new customers, or customer milestones.
  • Alert your engineering team of data quality errors, or monitor long running or costly queries in a data warehouse.

Getting Started

Census supports creating Notifications to activate your data in your data warehouse. To get started, with Notifications head to the documentation on Slack or Microsoft Teams. If you need another destination, please request it here.