Profile Explorer

How to use the profile explorer, which allows you to view a complete 360 view of your customer or other entity.

Before you start

The profile explorer allows you to build and explore your complete customer 360, based on the joining of your key entities. Typically a member of the data team will need to first set up the entities for your warehouse connection before getting started. Take a look at Defining Your Data Model for details.

Using the Profile Explorer

To explore your first entity, click on Explorer in the left-hand navigation of Census and then choose your entity in the top dropdown. A sample of the data will be shown in the explorer.

This data can then be searched using the search box or sorted by clicking on the sort button. By selecting each column header you can also sort or hide each property. To show a property that has been hidden use the 'show properties' button.

Each record can also be explored in more detail by clicking on an individual row, this will bring up a profile view of that record with all the information known.

The icon for a person or company will show if the entity has been given the following mappings, in this order of priority:

  • Person: Full name, email address, first name, last name

  • Company: Domain, company name

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